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Orchidis Laboratory, the specialist of water analysis

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Well established company in the sector of the environment, ORCHIDIS LABORATORY is a global leader in the manufacturing of products for the trade of the water control analysis :
Self - checking - micro-methods and standardized methods
We meet the needs for multiple branches of industry :
Industry, Environment, Water treatment, Power stations, Food and sanitizer kits, sanitation and laundry...
Water testing laboratory
ORCHIDIS Laboratoire proposes a new method to measure chlorides. This method doesn't require potass...
18.80 €
This apparatus can also find applications in treatment plants using the flottation process, especial...
5 644.90 €
A few moments of pleasure through our catalogue or its CD ROM version. We keep it at your disposal on request. Do not hesitate to ask it.
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ORCHIDIS LABORATORY, constantly listening in its customers. First French specialised manufacturer for more than 60 year, in water analysis